Sunday, August 26, 2012

Enchanted: The 2nd Time Around

Last year was the first in celebration of my 25th birthday. We arrived noon so the place was already people-packed. As a result, we weren't able to maximize the unlimited rides. Sans change of clothes, we opt to miss the watery rides. But that didn't decrease the fun we had. :)

This Year

I have this habit of not experiencing the same suffering again. So after the Space Shuttle last year, I never thought of undergoing the same torture twice. But my companions were so game I decided to break a habit. I'm glad I did. Who would think of backing out when even the cowards want to fight?!

We were on our way to Baguio so we brought all our stuffs. This time, I was able to experience the watery rides. I so love the Rio Grande Rapids. It feels like a mellower and safer version of water rafting. It would be perfect if the river was longer.

The Log Jam was a ride to remember. I underestimated it. Never thought it was that heart pumping. I literally hold on for my life on the 2nd jump. You could see how moved I was on my picture. Epic! I don't want to forget the moment so I had Migo bought the picture despite the price. Hahaha!


I also rode Anchor's Away again. Migo hating the feeling on last year's ride opt to pass. I was bored on this ride the first so I wanted to test if I'd be bored the 2nd time. I was amazed. I forgot the boredom. The feeling already get to me but I discovered a technique to make it all go. On the 2nd rise, my hair flew into my face. I didn't like it so I flipped my head. When I did it, I noticed that the bad feeling disappeared. I did the flipping thing on the 3rd rise, the same thing happen. On the 4th, I shared the technique to Mira. On the 5th, the 2 of us were doing the flipping thing. :P

Aside from those 4, we also experienced other challenges/rides. See below for the list: 

1 Flying Fiesta - All
2 Space Shuttle - All
3 Anchor's Away - All except Brian, Nie, Migo
4 Ekstreme Tower - Mira, Lawrence, John Jay, Ricco
5 Balance Challenge - Lawrence, Mira, Yours truly
6 Bump Car - All except John Jay
7 Rio Grande Rapids - All
8 Log Jam - All
9 Laser Challenge - Mira, Lawrence, John Jay, Migo, Yours truly
10 Carousel - Migo, Yours truly

I didn't ride the Ekstreme Tower again. I super hate the feeling last time. Haha!

Tower conquered!

Me last year! :P
Family Pictures

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