Monday, March 4, 2013

Pulag Pre-Climb 2: Hello Kan-irag!

By trying to learn to blog non-me-ishly, I (might) have missed some juicy and unforgettable moments on the climb this weekend. So if your up for a compacted detail of my adventures, just visit "The Wanderfull Life" otherwise continue reading.

If you have forgotten what happens to last last month's climb in Mt. Lanaya, go visit it again. I might be blabbering some things related to the last climb.

Are you ready? Hope you are cause I can't wait to tell you about it. :)

Before Kan-irag

I was really excited about the climb. Been reading about Kan-irag since it was announced as official. But then things happened. By the first week of February, I was chosen as one of the candidates for our company's US training. It was tagged as ASAP so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to join the climb. I was transferred to night shift. And unfortunately, I was having a hard time adjusting to that change.

I wasn't really into the US travel thingy because I am having problems with my name. But then as the processing progresses, the chances of me getting that illusive visa became clearer. Instead of happiness, I got scared. I'll be missing a lot if I go. I was in a state of conflict...wondering how would I adjust to a new environment, taking some preventive steps on missing people and lots and lots of things. Being not good in abrupt changes, I actually made the necessary measures to prepare myself for the travel. And just when I thought I was ready...the news came out. The travel was cancelled. And...a heavy load was lifted in my shoulder. Finally!

And that's where the problem with pursuing Kan-irag climb start. I was happy the travel was cancelled but then I started to have headaches...more unwanted feelings followed. It must have been the disappointment so to get even with myself, I wanted to deprive me of something I wanted so much. Thinking it would take me back to where I once been before the US travel came. Sort of a wake up call. (Yes! Yes! I do this all the time. Punishing myself for something I'm not in control. Tsk!) I was wrong. I might not know if I'd be happier if I really cancelled it but right now...that climb was my saving grace.

Why saving grace?

Because if you remembered at Lanaya, I spoke of how I slowed the group. This time, non of those happen. I was quick and energetic. Taking each stride with the thought of reaching the peak as fast as I can. I feel limitless. I've thought of a number of reasons for that sudden burst of energy. One of those is maybe the happiness of being able to continue old bag..and the new activity - badminton TTHs. We also joined the SM 2 SM fun run so more or less, my body was in perfect shape. I hope I'll be that energetic in climbing Mt. Pulag too. Wish me luck.

And finally, Kan-irag...

Meet-up was in Jollibee at Gaisano Talamban at 8:45 AM.And because I just decided that we would continue the trip when I woke up that Saturday morning, Migo and I were in a rush. I was not feeling very well. I know I wouldn't be my usual self, so I decided to detached myself from my closest friends in the group.

Then the journey started. Little by little as the number of steps accumulated, the heavy feeling went away. I was almost back to myself when I reached the camp site. We were early by almost an hour. The sun was still up and the heat was biting. I had Migo setup camp immediately. After settling down, the cook set owners proceeded to prepare dinner while the others capture the view...and our first sunset at a camp site...EVER!

It wasn't long before dinner was ready...probably our earliest meal on the trek. Yay! The food was good. "Spam" never failed us again. And the new addition of "Campbell" soup was just amazing. It was the best meal ever! I would be looking forward to more meals like that. Haha! Adding one reason to why I climb. Ahaha!

After the meal, the group formed a circle and played games. We played 3 in all. The first game was called "King's Cup". I was so proud for not being able drink alcohol as punishment. Wish I never blurted it out. By the 2nd set, they made it their goal to punish me. Damn! I hate them for that and lost my cool. Later realized it was just a game. Ahaha! And thinking that being the last to be punished was luck enough brought me back on track. LOL The 2nd game was "Samyuko2x". It's played by clapping every 3,6 and 9s in a number series.  Ohhhh! I aced again. Haha! I forgot the name of the 3rd game. Maybe because I was very horrible at that. I hate memorization. Grrrrr! And my direction deficiency was magnified. I just can't get it right. I was happy that game didn't last long. :P And then dreamland.

The next day we woke up around 6 AM, just in time to greet the sunrise. I then tag Migo to do my favorite part of the climb...picture taking. Ahahaha! Then breakfast was served. Then off we bid Kan-irag goodbye. :)

For improvements

The climb was almost perfect except for some things:

1. Allocations.
Migo was so annoying to keep on reminding everyone that some people were not able to give the allocated 1 liter for the group. Damn! To solve that, I'll volunteer to be the checker for these things. I'll collect the food and the water...then I will also be the one to distribute the trash. The trash distribution would be...just return what was shared, this time...empty. Also, an amount for common usage like butane should be collected. Will have to ask the cook set owners how much they would need for this.

2. Tasks.
Again some roles were not followed. There was no time keeper. The only visible and working roles are the head and tail. Something should be done with this. Also, the cooker and dish washer. Despite not owning a cook set, everyone should take turns in cooking and dish washing. Will have to ask someone to facilitate this.


Will I couldn't ask for more. It was everything that I hope for...maybe even more. Weeeeeee! To end this post, go and browse the pics I have at the other blog because I will only be posting my solo pics here. Ahahaha!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY versus Package Tours

On my first trip to CDO way back 2008, I never thought going to places would become a yearly endeavor. Heck! I didn't even pay for that. DIYs and package tours was far from my mind. Trips were useless excursion. I had no idea I would be addicted to it years later. 

Last 2011, in celebration of my 25th birthday, I decided to do something different. Upon knowing about Airphil's Php 100 sale, I asked my then girl friends to celebrate with me on a trip to Manila. It was my first taste of planning an escapade. I've always been adept at planning...making sure everything is in order runs in the blood. I am a bit of an OC...little details and everything should be covered. I don't want any lapses. Due to that, I almost scared one of the travel companion away. Haha! Glad I was able to turn the tides and all of us managed to go.

It was a blast. With less than 5K*, we were able to enjoy Metro Manila and Enchanted Kingdom for 4 days and 3 nights. We were way beyond our projected budget of 8K. Haha! That first DIY trip has become sort of a template. I make it a point to stay within the travel budget of 5K. 

Then I was invited to join the boyfriend on a trip with his friends. It was pure luxury. We stayed on a nice hotel, eat nice foods and all. It was good...way better than the kind of travel I have had but it was too costly. On one trip, the boyfie and I's total expense reached around 15K. I had no right to complain though. My share was just 5K still. The  boyfie pay for the rest. 

Up to now, I always equate luxury and comfort with high a price. But then on travel, you can't always do it your own. Different people have different travel styles. Others want it the hard DIY way. Others want it comfortably availing package tours and all. No matter what kind of travel you have, it is important to just enjoy it. After all, money spent on travel is truly money well spent.

DIY versus Package Tours

Of course I still want my way but availing package tours is never a no-no especially if I don't have to pay the extra. Haha!

* Last year's birthday trip with Taal-Tagaytay-Enchanted-Baguio in the itinerary, base expense was just around 5K also. :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mt. Lanaya...Conquered!

It was an answered prayer - climbing without the rains and winds on our feet. The 4th climb with BRB and yet a first fair weathered climb. Yay! No sleeping wet experienced at OsmeƱa Peak. Cold winds and slippery trek in both Talinis and Canlaon climbs.

Group picture just before the ascent sans Jame, Pong and Flo2x!
The day started with Migo and I in a rather tiresome argument. The call time was 6:00 AM yet we were still having our breakfast by then. He must have been so pissed because it was the first time that I witnessed him snap and raised his voice when I kept reminding him that we're ALREADY super late.  The thought of not going crossed my mind.

When we joined the group at South Bus Terminal, I was not in my usual jolly self. I know I needed the time to calm myself so I wanted to be separated with the group. Like an answered prayer, when we board the bus bound to Alegria, most seats were occupied.

The trip took about 4 hours. The sleep must have taken my angst away because on the bus stop in Barili, I was feeling more like myself.

The Stop Over

The initial plan was to have our stop at Alegria Plaza for lunch. But for an unknown reason, it was later changed to Stop Over bakeshop

At the stop over. While the others are busy on other things, I had Migo took my picture. 
We waited about an hour for Pong to joined the group. When he arrived, we then proceeded to Nanay Lucing's house to meet with the guide and have our names listed on the mountain's log book. We had our lunch there. They were so nice to offer us free "humba" and "ginamos". 

Photo with Nanay Lucing and family!


Then the suffering...the journey rather...started. :P The first 15 minutes was so-so. The next few minutes was
literally hell. I felt so hot. It was like my body is burning. I had to stop every 5 minutes of walking. I pity those who walked after me. They had to stop because I hold the line. :| I was a little shy I had to do that to them...just little though because I know in the next few minutes, my body would adjust and I wouldn't be that slow anymore. 

For me the whole ascension trail was divided into three parts. First is the path to the house that has a captivating view. Then the endless climb in rocky, leaves-laden, loose soiled path with too much ants. And finally, the plain path where Charry got bitten by bees. 

The hardest part was the 2nd. I feared for my life twice on it. The soil was so loose and a little bare. No roots to hold on to. I had to use my knees to get me through it. I actually crawled. It was a first! And before reaching that life-and-breath-taking path, we had to endure the the constant nuisance of ants. We can't rest in a place too long because ants' would get in our shoes and bite. The only consolation I had on that was the view when I reached the top. It was so beautiful it makes you forget all the hardships in getting there. 
On the 1st part with Gliana, Charry, Dave and Banky.
July, Ali, Florence, Dea and Dave (nibalhin dayon ug sides. Hmph)
Me and my pack.
And this is the beauty that awed us in the first part. 
The Actual Climb
The hardest part was the 2nd. I feared for my life twice on it. The soil was so loose and a little bare. No roots to hold on to. I had to use my knees to get me through it. I actually crawled. It was a first! And before reaching that life-and-breath-taking path, we had to endure the the constant nuisance of ants. We can't rest in a place too long because ants' would get in our shoes and bite. The only consolation I had on that was the view when I reached the top. It was so beautiful it makes you forget all the hardships in getting there. 
Resting time!
Saka na pud!
Na-injured si Banky! Mukaon lage ug saging! Hmph!
The Camp

Up Next: The Summit + Descension

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Mt. Lanaya...3 days to go!

Photo from PinoyMountaineer.
When I caught the Climbing fever last year, I eagerly list the mountains to climb in Cebu. Lanaya is on the list. There was no date as to when I could climb this mountain. Not this time. Yay! Finally have a date. :) Weeeeeeee!

Lanaya, here I come.
Hope you'll be kinder than Canlaon.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mountain Climbing: Why You Can!

If I tell you I've been into mountain climbing and I don't have pictures to prove it...would you believe me? A friend says, she won't and maybe she would suspect that I'm just too good in adobe photoshop...

Oh dear! Do I really look like a pushover? Or the non-adventurous type who are afraid of little mosquito bites and snakes?! Are my looks that deceiving in all my high-heeled stiletto shoes and dresses?! 


The mountains are not for the faint at heart, so they said. But I am a self-confessed faint at heart. They're not lying but I am not either. Beyond that faint at heart girl is a brave little soul whose mind power is bigger than what the heart feels. And I believe, if I can do it...there's no way YOU can't.

So why not hop in and let's climb mountains together this 2013!