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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY versus Package Tours

On my first trip to CDO way back 2008, I never thought going to places would become a yearly endeavor. Heck! I didn't even pay for that. DIYs and package tours was far from my mind. Trips were useless excursion. I had no idea I would be addicted to it years later. 

Last 2011, in celebration of my 25th birthday, I decided to do something different. Upon knowing about Airphil's Php 100 sale, I asked my then girl friends to celebrate with me on a trip to Manila. It was my first taste of planning an escapade. I've always been adept at planning...making sure everything is in order runs in the blood. I am a bit of an OC...little details and everything should be covered. I don't want any lapses. Due to that, I almost scared one of the travel companion away. Haha! Glad I was able to turn the tides and all of us managed to go.

It was a blast. With less than 5K*, we were able to enjoy Metro Manila and Enchanted Kingdom for 4 days and 3 nights. We were way beyond our projected budget of 8K. Haha! That first DIY trip has become sort of a template. I make it a point to stay within the travel budget of 5K. 

Then I was invited to join the boyfriend on a trip with his friends. It was pure luxury. We stayed on a nice hotel, eat nice foods and all. It was good...way better than the kind of travel I have had but it was too costly. On one trip, the boyfie and I's total expense reached around 15K. I had no right to complain though. My share was just 5K still. The  boyfie pay for the rest. 

Up to now, I always equate luxury and comfort with high a price. But then on travel, you can't always do it your own. Different people have different travel styles. Others want it the hard DIY way. Others want it comfortably availing package tours and all. No matter what kind of travel you have, it is important to just enjoy it. After all, money spent on travel is truly money well spent.

DIY versus Package Tours

Of course I still want my way but availing package tours is never a no-no especially if I don't have to pay the extra. Haha!

* Last year's birthday trip with Taal-Tagaytay-Enchanted-Baguio in the itinerary, base expense was just around 5K also. :D