Monday, June 25, 2012

Osmeña Peak: The 2nd Time Around

In preparation for the much-anticipated Mt. Talinis Climb, last June 15-16 I was able to visit Osmeña Peak again.

My attempt to create a long post failed. Not feeling chatty today. So I'll just post my favorite Osmeña Pictures!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring Trip

Inspired by a post from one of my favorite blogs, last Saturday the Jogurls went on a trio trip to Carmen. The trip was supposedly scheduled this weekend but since Charry and I's Osmena Peak trek was cancelled, we decided to replaced it with the Spring trip. It was lucky because Grace just had an early appointment.

Grace had to meet a friend at Urban Homes, Tipolo so we decided that Charry and I would rendezvous at SM then go to Urban Homes together. At 8:30 AM, Charry texted that she's on her way to SM. I panicked because I just finished my bath and still have to buy "Lechon Manok" at Snr. Pedro Lahug. I thought I miscalculated the time. Well, I didn't. Charry was just early. :P

I arrived at SM minutes before 9:30 AM, our agreed time. I texted Grace but there was no reply. We decided to just go to Urban Homes only if Grace texted us that she's already there. When SM opened at 10 AM, I remembered about my long overdue broadband sim block. While waiting, I processed the account. I didn't thought it would take too long. Grace had to wait almost an hour at north bus. Bad Sun service. Hmmmp!

We left North Bus Terminal aboard Ceres liner at 15 minutes to 12 noon. My bad for I didn't took notice of the time again. I think the ride to Carmen was just around an hour because Charry and I was chatting on the entire trip. Hmmm...

We told the conductor to drop us at Carmen public market. From there we hired habal-habal to Durano Ecofarm. We didn't know the fare beforehand. When we asked, the driver told us we had to pay 30 pesos each. Since we cannot be accommodated on a single ride, we had 2. Charry and Grace rode together. I took the lone ride making my pay 20 pesos higher. I had to pay for 2. Actually, the driver agreed to have me pay 45 pesos only but he was especially talkative so I allowed myself to pay him 5 peso more. :P

The pathway down!

On the way...
The walk down was a little exhausting. 
The place is nice but I expected something more. Actually, I don't know the more I'm looking for. Hehe! Upon reaching the bottom, one of the workers asked if we would like to get a table. It costs 200 pesos so we decided to pass but we're unable to find a cozy place to put our stuff so we didn't have a choice. Maybe, we have but we wanted the easy way out. :P

This is the biggest and the deepest pool (1st).
A view seen from our table.
When I swam, I couldn't reach the bottom so maybe this is deeper than 6 feet. 

The 2nd pool.
Just above the deepest.
We swam here.
It's just 4 feet I think.
And those kids are our playmates. :P

Our pool (3rd).
We got tired of playing so we decided to transfer in this pool.
Mindful of our things above the 1st pool,
we decided to transfer them at the table beside the pool.
We swam here till 4:00 PM.

Above our pool.
When we arrived, we had lunch, took some pictures and swimming after. We decided to take a dip at the first pool but since Grace can't swim, we decided to go to the 2nd pool. There were lots of kids there. We lingered for a while then finally had our longest dip at the 3rd pool.

The nice cottage!

Bamboo path to the nice cottage!

The nice cottage with the bamboo path!

A room, I think!

Our table above the 1st pool!

The line of tables!
We asked the drivers to fetched us at 5 PM. We were early by 15 minutes so we decided to stroll and took pictures. When they arrived, they ask if we like to stop by at the Benedictine Monastery(will post in detail soon). And we did, of course. I also asked them to stop at the ecofarm sign board and have our picture taken there. :D

And Charry find a spot where she could place the camera.

Timer again!

I can fly?

Pose at the Bamboo post!

Charry and Grace!

The sign board picture!

Timer again!

We spent PHP 393 each for the trip. Next time, we target to spend just 300 each. Hmmm...and maybe, Mainit Spring in Catmon is next.

22    Hanging Rice
185  Lechon Manok, Chicharon
65    Junk Foods
45    Soft Drinks
200  Table at Ecofarm
Sub-total: 517/3 = PHP 173
100  Fare(back and fort) from North Bus.
60   Fare(back and fort) from Carmen Public Market.
60   Durano Ecofarm Entrance

Pics courtesy of Charry!