Thursday, September 13, 2012

CDO: My First :)

On November 2008, Migo and I, went on a trip to Cagayan de Oro City with workmates. It was a 3 day trip from November 7-9.

Migo before he meets me has been to different provinces in the Philippines already. On the other hand, I only sees travel as a costly and useless excursion. Even if I sometimes wish I'd be able to ride a plane, I didn't do anything to fulfill it.

But I didn't have a choice when 3 months before the schedule, a friend called me to confirm about the trip that I didn't know of. Got angry with him because he was not the one who convinced me to go. It started as a bad memory but at the end of the trip, I never regretted that I board on that plane and took on the first ride of my life.

On that trip,I was able to:

Visit Divine Mercy Hill.
The place is still under construction.

Experience Malasag!
Looking at necklaces made by the natives.

Dance with the Malasag natives!
Migo took the picture.
I was still shy this time that I opt not to dance! :P

My first airport picture.
Girls on the trip.
My first travel buddies!

Bond with Chooks' buddies more.
At Rej's house.
We saved our accommodation funds by staying there.

At a hanging bridge at the White Water Rafting drop off. thin I was back then!


Thanks to CebuPac for making the trip possible.

Swim at Malasag.

Enjoying the water at Malasag.

Videoke and UNO at Rej's house.

Macahambus: on the way to white water rafting.

Hanging bridge at Macahambus.

Ziplining at Macahambus.
My first.
Too bad, nobody took my picture.

Finally, Cagayan river.
CDO's finest white water rafting!

Oh yeah!
My first ever taste of THRILL!
I didn't think that the blood pumping rush was addictive! :P

Rafting mates.
A foreigner couple.


The trip was my first taste of wanderlust. 
I thought it would be a first and last.  
Never thought that every year after that more travel came in.

Migo paid for the trip, BTW.