Friday, August 31, 2012

26th Birthday Trip Itinerary Actual

Sunny Birthday in Baguio (Day 2)

I was serious in praying that the sun would visit the next day but I didn't hope much. Not wanting to ruin my mood otherwise. I woke up early...pretty excited because it's my 26th birthday. :) When I went out of the room, greetings were thrown. I was in a light and festive mood. Took a bath right away and put on my new "ukay-ukay" pink dress. Haha! I like it so much I wore it fresh (without washing). :P Charry was alarmed when I told her about it.

Charina then help me prepare our breakfast. We had the usual favorites noodles, pancit canton, bread and hot choco. When the foods were served, seeing noodles and pancit cantons, I remember my mom saying I should eat pancit on my birthday for long life. I smiled. With this much, I could live till a hundred.

Then I remembered how lousy my previous celebration was...not being able to do the customary cake blowing. I left the cake on the lodge. I was prepared to miss it again not knowing I was in for a little surprise.

Finally, I was able to blow a candle!
And of course..the mandatory family pic! :)
I didn't want to left the apartment in disarray, with some help, I was able to put the things we used as they were. When everyone was ready, our tour started. And God granted my prayer...sunny Baguio. Weeeee!

Day 2 My 26th Birthday

(5) PMA 
My favorite pic!

We were told that shoes is mandatory inside the camp so we just sate ourselves of a photo shoot in front of the gate. Another reason to be back in Baguio! :)

(6) Camp John Hay 
Fearing that the rain would scare the sun again, we had to follow a strict time schedule. Here we were given 26 minutes. And as usual, we were delayed. :P

Camp John Hay had some adventures.
Ziplining and some others.
Without time and budget, we humor ourselves with photo shoots.

And we stick to the one scenery, one SURVIVOR picture rule!

And it was all worth it!

The Pines!

The House!

(7) The Mansion 
I was thinking we could actually went inside the house.
Sorry was off-limits.
I wonder what's inside.

And we had our very first jump shoot!

Ohhh...Law..what are you doing?
And Migo is all hairs.


(8) Wright Park 
Just the entrance. :( Not so good memory so I think I'll just keep it to myself. Huhuhu! We miss the horse riding pics. A third reason to be back in Baguio. I wonder if you remember the first and second. Hmmm!

(9) Bell Church 
This place is awesome...a little like our Taoist temple here. I'm thinking it's nice to have my pre-nup here. Hmmm...
Kuya Ernie took the picture!

The power of TIMER!

Self-timer AGAIN!

Ultimate pasaway!!!

A little drama!

To ASI with Love!
Who would forget the place where we all met?

(10) Strawberry Farm 
Yeah! I know there's no strawberry. :( It's off season and stormy. A 4th reason to be back in Baguio. They say peak season is on December to February. Well, Christmas or Valentines in Baguio. Which is better?!
And of course, with a heavy heart, we pose for our mandatory family pic!

(11) Lourdes Grotto 
From the planax commercial, I really thought the stairs is super duper high. Haha! Or maybe, I'm just getting used to stressful climbs. :P And aside from the stairs...what happened after the climb was super sweet. ♥ Maybe a 5th reason to be back? I wonder if you can relate to me...didn't you see that commercial?!

It was timely.
Light a candle for my birthday.

(12) Burnham Park
This really makes my day. I wish there is a park like this here in Cebu. I enjoyed even if I don't know how to bike. Ahahaha!

We were not able to do the boating.
Definitely a 6th reason to be back!

My 2nd favorite pic!

And of course...
Migo makes his move. :)
And ohhhhh! This is it. The ending post of my birthday trip posts. And it's time for your quiz!!! ;-)

1. Enumerate the 6 reasons why I should go back to Baguio?
2. From where is my favorite picture taken?
3. How about my 2nd favorite?
4. How is my birthday celebration different from last year?
5. What was my birthday surprise?


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baguio in the Rain (Day 1)

The 6-hours travel from Manila wears everyone out so after settling down, everyone decided to sleep. It was just around 7 AM. I negotiated the driver to pick us at 11:00 AM for our brunch. We were so tired the breakfast was forgotten. 

But sleep was elusive to me. It's as if I've just awakened-in-a-normal-bed and sleeping again would give me headaches. I never had a problem with sleeping on the bus so maybe while everyone is stressing themselves, I was in dreamland. 

With nothing to do, I decided to peep outside and hope to think of something. The wisp of cold air and foggy scenery greeted me. And ah....sleep is the only option. Then I saw the open door of the CR. Right! Who says sleep is the only option?! I'm also thinking how burdensome it is to wait turns on the bath.

The hot water was heavenly. But I didn't want to miss the feeling of cold water in Baguio so I tried to bath in the pail water (super duper cold). It was pure suffering. I trembled and thought maybe it's OK to miss it. After the hot water bath, sleep caught me. 

I woke up of noisiness. Everyone was getting ready by then. Excited on our first day. =)

We were starving when we got here. Kuya Ernie, our driver suggested this place. 
 Gutom pa ug mga nawng!

After the much-appreciated meal, the tour started! 

Day 1 
(1) Botanical Garden 
(2) Mine's View 
(3) SM City Baguio 
(4) Session Road 

(1) Botanical Garden

It started to drizzle when we reached botanical garden. When we went out of the van, it rained hard but that didn't stop us from exploring the place. Some of us bought umbrellas and bonnets to fend the colds. And of shoot is still on! I love how umbrellas blend together. Many thanks to Ricco for risking his DSLR on our capriciousness. Ahahaha! Couldn't blame him...the sights were too lovely to pass. was on those moments that I miss our cam more. :(

Not my favorite angle but I ♥ the shirt..and of course, the one I'm with! ♥♥♥

(2) Mines View

The rain didn't stop but we have no choice but to move on. Next Kuya Ernie brought us to Mines View. The stores in the area entertained us while waiting for the rain to stop. We lingered a little here and had our pockets emptied. :P When the rain was bearable, we still went on with our photo shoots. :D

The Shop
Lovely things are sold here. Picture takings are allowed but you have to donate.

Family Picture


Family picture AGAIN!

And another!

Love this!

Because we're BEAUTIFUL!
The actual MINES VIEW

And I actually thought the stores is the Mines View. Migo had to correct me. He's been to Baguio with friends last 2007(back when we were strangers)...the only non-first timer among the group.

Because it's foggy, we didn't get to see the actual view. Maybe, it's something to be back in Baguio for. Haha!

Single! Double!  Single! Double!  Single! Double!

After the photo shoot, we were starving. Lucky that a 7 Eleven were in the vicinity. We went there to eat and drank hot stuffs to ease the coldness. When everyone was full, we decided to go.

St. Joseph Church

It was Sunday so I asked Kuya Ernie if we could stop by a church to attend mass. He said it was late already so we might not be able to reach the last mass. But I insisted. He took us to St. Joseph Church, there I alight candles to ask for a good weather the next day. 

(3) SM City Baguio

We were wet. And as much as we would like to continue our stroll, the coldness changed most of our dispositions. From gay to we asked Kuya Ernie if he could drop us at the apartment to change before SM.

 SM Baguio got me in awe. The design was very different. It's super cold even without air-cons. 

The group separated for a while to roam the place. Migo, Mira and I went together. We ended at Quantum. And remember our "Happy to Gather" craze sometime last year? There were 4 of those machines. Migo and I busied ourselves getting our names on the top score. Ahahaha! And yes..we partially did! :)

(4) Session Road

After the dinner, we went to session road (will have a separate blog about this soon). At around 9 PM, we decided that it's time to go. We stopped by at 7 Eleven to buy our breakfast for the next day. Then off we hired a taxi back to the apartment.