Monday, November 8, 2010

Andrew's 27th @ Pinamungajan

...because everything is FREE! Transportation, accomodation and FOODS! I could not ask for more. Thanks to birthday boy, Andrew Tabanag for the FEAST.

"What happens in Pinamungajan stays in Pinamungajan!"

Along with work friends, we went to Tajao, Pinamungajan to attend our friend's birthday celebration on November 06, 2010. It was a rush decision, if Migo hadn't Ot-ed(making me overstay in the office until 9:30 PM), then I wouldn't have that unforgettable experience.

Below are the reasons why it is unforgettable:
1.      I saw falling star(twice) and made my wish. It's my first time to see a falling star.
2.      My first time to see sparkling thing in the water, Shaggy(Andrew's wife's friend) called it "Sea Plankton". It was amazing, swimming with them made me feel like a sea goddess.
3.      My first weekend getaway without Migo. It made me realized I should go out more without him.  I didn't even micro-text him. I really enjoyed the company a lot.
4.      I had a long chat with someone. It was fun and amazing. Talking with her made me feel like talking to myself. Haha!(Thanks for the wonderful chat, mam!) We started swimming at 4 PM then swam out of water at 7 PM, a 3-hour memchathlon! Wow! But that didn't end there, we had the 2nd part during our night swimming. Simply unforgettable. I wish we have more of it in the future.
5.      Finally erased the uneasiness between friends. Hahaha!
The list of reasons above were only tidbits. There's a lot more that no longer need to be blog because I'm sure my auto-erase memory cannot do something about it.

We rendezvouz at E-mall, 10 AM last Saturday. I arrived there earlier since I need to buy some travel must-haves stuffs(shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant). While Andrew and Junmar were off for some crammed up shopping, the display of sun glassess enamored me that it made me bought one. Tsk! Migo will surely nagged me if he knew. When I finally saw them, I already spent PHP 500 for some lousy stuffs. Tsk! The shopaholic me is annoying.

After some meet up delays, we finally left through SRP at around 11 AM, aboard Andrew's car with Junmar and Francis(picked him up at Minglanilla) at the back seat, convoy with JM's car with passengers Ralf, Jill, Raymond and Angeli(picked her at Talisay).We were chatting through the entire  almost 2 hour trip. We arrived at Calvo-Tabanag's lodge at around 1 PM where a lechon and yummy foods awaited us.

We were so hungry that we get foods immediately but that didn't stop us from chattering over lunch. Teasings painted each one of us a smile. Angeli, Ralf, Jill, Raymond and me ate at a table on the terrace overlooking the seashore. Junmar and Francis opt to ate alone but in the terrace also. After lunch, Andrew put 2 bottle of Tequila's on the table. I gulped, as remembered the last time I had tequila(Gurla's hurot-dagat galore) and told them about it.

It was not my plan to drink but I hate to be a party pauper so I joined the drinking besides Angeli was kind enough to give me less amount compared to them, so I feel at ease. JM had his DLSR camera capture every moment of our drinking session. The pictures were very nice. I can't wait to see it tomorrow. We were having fun at teasings,picture takings and drinking when I remembered about Jeshell. I texted her if she's in Toledo.When she replied, I told Ralf about it and he called her. Jeshell decided to come. Andrew told us he would fetched Jeshell after getting the videoke. When Andrew, Junmar and Francis left, we decided to take more pictures and mellow the drinkings, still we emptied the bottle. I was not sure if it's the 1st bottle or the 2nd  bottle though.

When Andrew arrived, we were excited as we saw the videoke. Then the singing began. Jill and I decded to swim at 3:30 PM but decided to moved it at a time when Jeshell arrived. Jill and I were swimming from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. We were actually talking more than swimming. It was fun.

When we went out of water,dinner was ready and it seems everyone was busy drinking while we're swimming that they looked drunk already. After dinner, Jeshell left. Another videoke session followed while waiting for Kai and Shaggy get into their swimming gear.

Around 10 PM, everyone geared up for the night swimming. Francis brought 1 bottle of Tequila.It was cool to drink Tequila in the sea water, no need of salt anymore. I just dipped the lemon unto the water(haha! Gross me! But I like it). We were swimming while drinking then suddenly, I felt weird and decided to stay ashore with Francis and Jill. When the bottle was emptied, we're back at swimming, it was then that I saw the falling star. I made my first falling star wish ever. Then Jill and I had our 2nd chat session.

I haven't checked the time we went out of water. I took a bath at 12:30 AM, changed into dry clothes and went back to the terrace. Videoke session again. The others retired early. Jill, Ralf, Francis, Junmar and me remained. Jill and I decided to sleep at 2:30 AM. The others survived until 4 AM.

I woke up late the next day, almost 10 AM. After brunch, I decided to take pictures around the place. Andrew's kids(Andrea, Anika and Angela) were nice enough to follow me in my quest. I had fun having them around. Then Andrew announced lunch. I didn't eat again despite the invitation.

Videoke session again until 4:00 PM. It was raining so our departure was delayed. It was OK since I had fun singing the songs I didn't have the chance to sing again. The breakup and moving on songs that comforted me before. They actually teased me about it. Just fine cause it doesn't sting anymore. Hehe!

We left at Andrew's at 4 PM. I arrived at my boarding house at exactly 6 PM. Started writing this while waiting for Migo,had dinner with Migo and then he left. I proceeded to mass alone. Back at boarding house at 9 PM, feeling sad so write about the "feeling ill" entry, then continue writing this. Time check now, 10:45 PM. It's movie time.Weeee! And I feel OK now. Thanks to writing :D



The place. 1 Terrace. 2 Dining area. 3 Videoke area. 4 Sala. 5 seashore.

Jill and I's room

Attendees. More pics from John Michael

Playing with Andrew's kids


Monday, October 11, 2010

Moalboal Despedida

well, that statement cannot apply entirely to me because i didn't have the energy to witness everything. :)
i sleep early..maybe not that early but earlier than them..10 PM I guess..just when EVERYTHING is about to start!

My first time in Moalboal is a blast! I had fun and BUSOG weekend with work friends. I never really expected any of it. You see, I am a pessimist. I expected the WORST. 

We stayed at a house in Big Sand Campgrounds. I'm not sure how much it costs but it's awesome. It has a big attic (hot during day time, but cool at night). The ground floor is air-conditioned (that's why I opt to sleep in the Attic). The accommodation comes in package with a refrigerator, 2 queen beds, 3 single beds and 2 single mattresses. (My friend just told me the accomodation costs PHP 3500, refrigerator included, PHP 150 additional for the stove)

From South Bus Terminal, we rode a Ceres Bus to Moalboal, fare is PHP 91. It's a 2 and a half hour journey to Moalboal Central. From the stopover, we took an almost 20 minutes tricycle ride to Big Sand Campgrounds for PHP 25 each.

We arrive at the resort about 11 AM, had lunch at 1:30 PM, I sleep from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, swimming at 5:00 PM. The water was nice but it's low tide so I really had a hard time enjoying it near the shore. We had to go far where the water is deep. Swimming far had some advantage though, like the underwater view is nice but you have to endure the "TUYOM" scare to get that far. I hate tuyoms, I'm glad I was careful enough not to step on them.

After swimming, we waited for supper prepared by our chief cook( sosyal :D ). We ate grilled pork and others. Drinking session starts at about 8 PM I guess, not that sure because when I was there, I didn't have the urge to check the time so much. It only shows I'm enjoying every bit of Moalboal that checking the time is a hassle.

I'm having SSB after the dinner but I'm scared to sleep at the attic alone so I joined the drinking session while reading Bryan's Gift (The 5 People You Meet In Heaven). I decided to drink a little, just enough to give me the courage to come up the attic and sleep (poor and talawan me). That's it, I had enough courage to retire at about 10 PM. Luckily, I slept soundly but I got headache the next day :(

The next day: Sunday
Hmmm.. to be continued :D