Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kawasan Finally!

Roll Call

Another one of my target destination came true last weekend when I, along with team mates visited the famous Kawasan falls and unknown paradise, Lambog Beach, aka Little Boracay.

The planning was sudden and with our hectic schedule, no one probably thought we'd pull it off gracefully. Yet we did, even if the trip was cramped to a day instead of overnight, it was a blast still.

Much to our amazement, we left Cebu aboard Ceres liner at the agreed time, 5:30 AM. The trippers really made an effort to come on time. Call time was 5:00 AM. I arrived minutes after that. I thought I was the earliest turned out I was fifth.

Arrived at Badian at around 8:30 AM. The trip was 3 hours, from what I read it should be around 4 hours. An early departure certainly made a difference.

When we arrived, we didn't had rice yet. One local was kind enough to suggest we just buy rice at some store, then have it cooked at the falls. Without second thoughts, we bought 3 kilos then started our journey. I imagined the journey to be strenuous, basing from the articles I read, but it turned out the opposite. It wasn't strenuous at all, it was fun walking along the bank seeing the perpetual beauty of the river. We had countable stopovers for poses. We arrived, I think 15 minutes later, I'm not sure though because when I was there I ultimately forgot everything. I was just thinking of my team and the dangerous beauty we were in. I should commend my supportive BF who didn't reprimand me at all for being update-less. :D

We were the first visitor so we had the chance to pick a nice cottage. We hop from a cottage until the one where we settled in, near the grill area. Much to my amazement, everyone was automatic. Someone started the fire, chopped the pork, arranges the food and everything. I am accustomed to tasking always but having experience that automatic-task I had with them, I might not include it in my checklist anymore. Thanks a lot laaganz for being so automatic. :)

No one swam until the food was ready. We were all gathered around even if only a few were doing the actual thing. That's what I like the most, the sharing thing. No one was behind. Doing things together. Supporting each other. It makes everything perfect.
Getting ready for rafting

After eating we then had our shot with rafting. We done it twice. The experience was so amazing. If you will go to Kawasan, you shouldn't miss it. We had a blast. We were so happy with the accommoda. ting "Kuya", some of us offered Php 50 as tip. I didn't know how much was accumulated.

At 1:30 PM, we were already exhausted. We didn't managed to go to the 3rd level anymore. We had come at a unanimous decision to packed up and proceed to Little Boracay.

As I was recalling the events now, most of the things we had there were spontaneous. The rice. The raft. The multicab to and from Little Boracay. The one day schedule. It was all just a spur of the moment thing. I was always a plan maniac, Kawasan trip taught me one valuable lesson - planning is not everything.

From now on, I won't be scared of outing short notices anymore. If you were with reliable people then it should not be a problem :D

I really want to write all the fun we had there, every details of it. Then I realized if I'd do so, I might forget about it. For my own benefit and maybe for you who are reading this, you should just visit Kawasan. Bring your fun,cool and reliable friends along, then you will feel this feeling I have now :)

July 9, 2011 

Trip Type: One Day
Attendees Count: 11
Initial Contribution: Php 500
Additional: (Rough Estimate) Php 100

Food: Php 2500
Fare & Etc: Total Money less Food

Amount of contribution
Trip Type
Call Time
Money In-charge
Food In-charge

On action
Our Expenses (Accdg to memory. Pardon if I miss something)
Food Php 2500
Terminal Fee Php 5
Fare to Matutinao Php 126
Kawasan Entrance Php 10
Cottage Php 300
Cook Rice Payment Php 50
Raft Php 300
GRO Tip (?)
Kawasan To Lambog Php 20
Lambog Cottage Php 300
Lambog to Badian, Poblacion Php 20
Poblacion, Badian to City Php 117

We had overflowing foods. We brought home some snacks. Our budget was just enough.

For round 2


Ready for the next target

Pack up for the day

The culprit

Early birds who catch no worms :P

Missing John Jay!

Pose before the adventure

Wet and ....

The massage :P

Another one of our blahs!

After the 2nd falls era

Super cooold!

Under the rock which we doubted if Dandee could fit in

another wet moment


Lone survivor :)