One Mountain in Time

BRB Climbs
Mountain Category Notes
Osmeña Peak Local
Talinis, Negros Oriental Major See story here.
Canlaon, Negros Occidental Major See story here.
Lanaya, Alegria Local See story here.
Kan-irag, Talamban Local Scheduled
Pulag, Benguet Major Scheduled
Apo, Davao Major Wish List

Other Mountains
Taal, Batangas

Pinatubo, Pampanga

Just thought of making this collection and named it after my favorite song "One Moment In Time". :)

Included pictures of friends who make it possible!
Maraming salamat po!

My vanity! Ahaha!
Wanna note what I wore to prevent wearing the same  getup next climb.
Lucky to have someone to share the passion with!
February Group(7): Glian, Dave, Jill, Angeli, Raymond, Migo & Meh!
June Group(7): Glian, Dave, Charry, Pong, Wesley, Migo & Meh!

Talinis Group(12): Glian, Dave, Pong, Wesley, Alistair, Dea, Florence, Cocoy, Niño, Charry, Migo & Meh!
Taal Group(10): Charina, Erwin, Lawrence, Mira, Nie, Brian, JJ, Ricco, Migo & Meh!

In love with mountains and Migo,

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