Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simala the 2nd time around!

I had to wake up early since Migo had a team outing and the camera's with me. He picked it up on his way. He also brought the almonds chocolate pasalubong from Mam Ristie. I ate it while watching Slamdunk's episodes 49 to 55.

I got so pumped up watching the 55th episode of Slamdunk that I had an impulse attack to do something I've always wanted to do since my 25th birthday. I hurriedly took a bath, texted a friend if she's free to tag along. Turned out she also had some solo activity planned. I wished both us luck :D

Not my own shot. Wala ko kadala ug cam ky naa ni Migo. Hehe!
I departed to Sibonga aboard a green minibus at around 12:30 PM. Upon reaching Minglanilla, the conductor asked me my ticket, when I showed it to him, he smiled because I rode the wrong bus. He just said that I just have to pay again and I'll just have to stop at Carcar then rode to Sibonga. Haha! Some passengers were kind of making it a big thing, I just smiled and shrugged it off. What's the use of crying over spilled milk. Duh!

I was so exhausted upon reaching Carcar since I never slept well on the bus. I was afraid I'd doze off too much and have another detour again. On arrival, a Samaritan who took off the bus with me directed me to the gas station where transport bound to Sibonga is located. I was lucky there was another solo flight girl. We rode the tricycle together. It was a long tricycle trip. We paid Php50 each for the fare. I was so tired I never had the chance to chat with her. I was planning to but I doze off. When we reached Marian Hills, she was hurrying that I lost the chance to find a new friend. :(

It was my 2nd time to visit Marian Hills. I''ve been there with Jen, Elgie and Dea last February 2008. I was so mesmerized I promised to visit again but got so busy I forgot. I'm happy I have finally fulfilled my promise today. :)

The Poster
I noted there are lots of changes since my last visit. The road up is quite nice already. There were new additions to the place itself. For the first time, I got the chance to see the galleries. I never thought there was something like that. We never go there last time. There was a petition gallery, different Mary's from all over the world and some others. People are required to take off shoes in going there, I was hesitant at first for fear that I might lost mine. In the end, my desire to see and touch Mama Mary overcome my fear.I'm glad I did :)

I lighted 2 candles, gold and violet. Gold for health. Violet for plans. When I was touching Mama Mary at that sacred place, I was asking Her about something. It's kind of complicated though. I hope Mama Mary still get what I meant.

Been there for almost an hour and a half. Back at City at 6:30 PM. Migo and I had dinner at Ayala. We watched "Horrible Bosses" movie after. It was very funny that I got excited to inform my friends about it. I hope they'll watch for a good and de-stressing laugh. :)

We ended the night with 2 scoops of Gelatissimo ice cream, hazelnut and milk flavor for each scoop. :)

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