Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simala the 2nd time around!

I had to wake up early since Migo had a team outing and the camera's with me. He picked it up on his way. He also brought the almonds chocolate pasalubong from Mam Ristie. I ate it while watching Slamdunk's episodes 49 to 55.

I got so pumped up watching the 55th episode of Slamdunk that I had an impulse attack to do something I've always wanted to do since my 25th birthday. I hurriedly took a bath, texted a friend if she's free to tag along. Turned out she also had some solo activity planned. I wished both us luck :D

Not my own shot. Wala ko kadala ug cam ky naa ni Migo. Hehe!
I departed to Sibonga aboard a green minibus at around 12:30 PM. Upon reaching Minglanilla, the conductor asked me my ticket, when I showed it to him, he smiled because I rode the wrong bus. He just said that I just have to pay again and I'll just have to stop at Carcar then rode to Sibonga. Haha! Some passengers were kind of making it a big thing, I just smiled and shrugged it off. What's the use of crying over spilled milk. Duh!

I was so exhausted upon reaching Carcar since I never slept well on the bus. I was afraid I'd doze off too much and have another detour again. On arrival, a Samaritan who took off the bus with me directed me to the gas station where transport bound to Sibonga is located. I was lucky there was another solo flight girl. We rode the tricycle together. It was a long tricycle trip. We paid Php50 each for the fare. I was so tired I never had the chance to chat with her. I was planning to but I doze off. When we reached Marian Hills, she was hurrying that I lost the chance to find a new friend. :(

It was my 2nd time to visit Marian Hills. I''ve been there with Jen, Elgie and Dea last February 2008. I was so mesmerized I promised to visit again but got so busy I forgot. I'm happy I have finally fulfilled my promise today. :)

The Poster
I noted there are lots of changes since my last visit. The road up is quite nice already. There were new additions to the place itself. For the first time, I got the chance to see the galleries. I never thought there was something like that. We never go there last time. There was a petition gallery, different Mary's from all over the world and some others. People are required to take off shoes in going there, I was hesitant at first for fear that I might lost mine. In the end, my desire to see and touch Mama Mary overcome my fear.I'm glad I did :)

I lighted 2 candles, gold and violet. Gold for health. Violet for plans. When I was touching Mama Mary at that sacred place, I was asking Her about something. It's kind of complicated though. I hope Mama Mary still get what I meant.

Been there for almost an hour and a half. Back at City at 6:30 PM. Migo and I had dinner at Ayala. We watched "Horrible Bosses" movie after. It was very funny that I got excited to inform my friends about it. I hope they'll watch for a good and de-stressing laugh. :)

We ended the night with 2 scoops of Gelatissimo ice cream, hazelnut and milk flavor for each scoop. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Alcoy-Dalaguete G Adventures

Attendees: Kring, Ryan, Jellie, Lawra, Cha, Mitch, Mira, Ed, Ken, Sensei, Izumi
Individual Contribution: Php 500
Trip Budget: Php 5500
Destination: Dalaguete, Alcoy
Trip Type: Overnight
Call Time: 5:00 AM at South Bus Terminal
Actual Departure: 6:30 AM
First Stop: Obong Spring at Dalaguete, Cebu
Arrival Time: 8:30 AM (exactly 2 hours from the City)
Fare: Php 106
Terminal Fee: Php 5
Transport: Ceres 8906 bound to Oslob
Weather: Fair with scattered clouds; Sun's rays are hidden. Ideal for a comfortable travel.
Participants in order of arrival: Lawra, Mira, Kring, Cha, Sensei, Izumi, Mitch, Ryan, Jellie, Ed, Ken

Due to Ken's lateness, we had to let go the 6:00 AM bus. We decided to left him aboard the 6:30 AM bus but he got lucky and was able to catch up when the bus went out of SBT. :D

2500 Foods
1500 Overnight Cottage at Alcoy Beach
  150 Cottage at Obong Spring
  155  Entrance Obong Spring
1195 Etcetera's (Fare, Entrances)

  5:00 AM Call time at South Bus Terminal
  6:30 AM Departure to Dalaguete, Cebu
  8:30 AM Arrival at Obong Spring
11:00 AM BRUNCH (Breakfast and Lunch!)
01:00 PM Departure to Alcoy (Road tricycle to Alcoy beach. Fare: Php 15 each)
01:15 PM Arrival at Alcoy beach
01:30 PM Etcetera. Swimming. Videoke (Cinco Cinco Galore!)
03:00 PM Market! Market!
05:00 PM Food Preparations
06:00 PM Dinner
07:00 PM and Beyond Swimming
07:00 AM Prepare to go home
08:00 AM Alcoy Beach Departure
10:30 AM Back in Cebu

Obong Spring
Entrance Per Person: Php 5
Cottage: Php 150

If you happen to visit Dalaguete, don't dare miss this place for a day of fun and relaxation. The water is so cool and inviting. What makes this Spring different from others is its water salinity. The water is salty :D I really taste it :D Hahaha!

The spring! Brave kids on top! :D

Ryana doing the planking thing!

The water is so deep! :D

Yummy! I forgot the name!

Super yummy! Yum! Yum!

The ride to Alcoy Beach!

Alcoy Beach (I don't know the exact name, but the resort above it is Kai Nane Point.)
Entrance Per Person: Php 20
Cottage Overnight: Php 1500
Tent Put-up: Php 150 (your tent or their tent)

Nice affordable cottage. Cool and amazing beach! :)

The beach! Fine sand! Cool water :)


Love the cottages!

Videoke Area! Our cottage is in the back!

Foods! Us! Inside the cottage!

The day after!

Back to the real world!

Truly a superb weekend get-away! Go and ask some friends to have one too! Yahooooooo!