Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh Hello Bohol Day 2

Mountains and rivers were covered on the 1st day. So on the 2nd day, we went beach-ing. Yay!

First Stop: Panglao
I never thought that I'd be blogging about trips that time so I didn't really take note of the things we did there. Haha! But I have pictures...super glad, the boyfie's friends are addicted to pictures like me too. :P

It was too hot to swim so we just had photo shoot.
Above are just my favorites.

2nd Stop: Flushing Meadows Resort
This resort is famous for their infinity pool. When we were there, there was a wedding. It would have been perfect without the rain. I remembered telling myself to take out beach wedding off my list. Haha!

Infinity Pool Shot!

I want to wear 2 piece back!

Up Next Day 3: Bohol Bee Farm

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