Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Hello Bohol Day 1

After the first trip to CDO, the idea of another trip didn't appeal to me, even if it's already 5 months away. I was worried when the boyfie told me it would cost Php3000. That time, spending that much on travel is a no-no. I have too much responsibilities then. The boyfie offered to pay the whole trip again. My heart goes out to him so I agreed with a condition that the money would not be forgotten...it's a loan.

Weesam Express took me for the first time in the land of Chocolate Hills. The trip started on the night of April 2 until April April 6, 2009.

On the ferry!
It was night time when we arrived in Bohol so we settled at Aning's house - our official accommodation for the entire trip. Now as I think of it, that must be one of the reason why the trip is not that expensive for a 5-day escapade.

Day 1
1) Sagbayan Peak

2) EAT Danao

Up Next Day 2: Beach-ing!

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