Friday, October 14, 2011

Planning an escapade

To start the plan, I usually start with choosing the target destination. Special criteria, it should not be in my "been to" lists. I'm counting my footprints in every places, so variety is a must.


After the destination, I then scoured the net for an affordable accommodation in that area. Maximum limit per pax for an overnight accommodation should be Php 250. Anything greater is a no-no most especially if it's a group escapade. The cheaper, the better. Usually people stay up all night and if they sleep, they rarely sleep comfortably so getting an expensive one is not practical.

If I can't find a suitable accommodation on the net, if I'm with adventurous people, I usually suggest we just look for a place there. If I'm not, I just proposed to change the target destination.

Day Only

After, the itinerary comes next. It's important for me to know what to do and expect on an escapade to align my choice of clothing. 

Both Day and Overnight

Foods! I hate planning this one. Usually on a day escapade, I always settle for lechon manok, siomai, lumpia, pancit, fruits, drinks and junkies. For overnight, I don't know how to cook so I usually leave this to the experts :D I just asked them their price to be included in the expenses :D I want to be a backpacker so I will need to learn how to cook alone. Maybe soon! :D

Money and Budgeting

I don't usually keep the money :D I have a tendency to compensate on things myself in case of deficiency. I hate asking people money :(( So, like foods I leave it to someone I think is bold enough to do the honor of collecting, paying and budgeting :D

As a whole, I only like to plan and put things together. Which I think makes me unfit to be a backpacker yet. Because if you are a backpacker, you do things alone. :D

I am a late-bloomer in travel. I just found my passion recently. So I think I still have lots of things to learn. :)

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