Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Climb: First 4 Hours

Our host was already at the port waiting, when we arrived at Dumaguete around 2 AM. We were told to rest until 5:30 AM. I didn't get rest though. I was so excited I dragged the time.  When the alarm sounds, I quickly gather my clothes and took a bath. As I was putting on my face powder, thunder and rain came. I was hoping not to hear from them. 

Oh well, this is it. Rain or shine, we must proceed.

While waiting...pictures2x!

While waiting for the others to get ready, I proceeded to my favorite activity - picture taking! Haha! And because I was so amazed at how my getup turn-out, I pissed the boyfriend with my annoying getup pictures again. :D

Minimal skin exposure! =D

Then the Jeepney arrived. We had breakfast at "Connies Silog Meals". I'm glad they served foods other than "-silog". I had "nilat-ang baka". 

Breakfast at Connie's!

Then we're good to go. We reached Dauin, the starting point at around 8:45 AM. It was raining. After some preparations and a prayer, we started the long journey towards our lunch stop - Lake Yagumyum. It was expected that we would reach there in 4 hours. We started our journey at around 9:00 AM.

Let the hunger games begin!

I expected a long walk not a long climb. Exhaustion weeps over me after 10 minutes of braving the muddy uphill battle. But seeing everyone struggling to move despite the heavy breathing, I kept my pace. Another 10 minutes...then another 10...and we had our first stop.

First stop!
The boyfriend had an aberration!

I can't remember how many times I stopped to catch my breath. Each time, I asked myself how on earth did I get there. What was I thinking?! And if only I could go back...I amused myself by taking pictures. I make it a point to take a picture every time we stop. I want to remember the place, the time, the number of stops we had and everything about the journey. It may be annoying to most, but it's only in pictures that I cannot forget.

2nd Stop!
Banky is still alive, awake, enthusiastic!

Just after our 2nd major stop (see picture above), Banky had muscle cramps so we had to stop at a rock on the edge of a ravine. 

Waiting for Banky Stop!

I got bored waiting so I went back some meters away from the ravine just so I could take Banky's souvenir pose. :P

Kaya mo yan, Banky!!!

When Banky was able to stand, we were back on track. Adrian (the guide) opt to carry Banky's back-up so as not to strain his injured foot. I offered to carry our cloth tent. After almost 20 minutes, we reach an amazing point - the ridge (I mispronounced it as rej). We took pictures and admire the view. Banky's foot got crampy again.


After the ridge, we had some minor stops. Found a water source and had our water bottles refilled. Then finally, we reached Lake Yagumyum! Lunch at last. =)

Nature Spring Water!

The boyfriend was super hungry that when I asked him to take a picture, he nagged. :( I wasn't able to take a picture of our lunch. Anyways, at this point in time, food is so much better than pictures so  I oblige. I just had my fill of memories after my stomach is filled.


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